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Above all, I care about quality and seeing things done right. Ultimately my hope is that I can help achieve your goals by providing real numbers to base your decisions.

I bring real world experience as a registered Civil Engineer and licensed contractor. I have built solar photovoltaic (PV) systems hands on from the ground up. I am knowledgeable in their design, construction and component manufacture. Cost drivers and modeling input variables are hence tangible to me. I spend time studying finer points of PV science, which I feel is essential for modeling and analysis work. The combination of my practical, analytical and engineering experience provides a solid value.

I want to help you make informed and intelligent decisions. In 2001, Altamain I founded to install solar PV systems and energy efficient products. The name came about with the notion that “alternative” should be "mainstream". Consumers should be able to lower their carbon footprint while making a return on their investment. And to understand for example, how installing solar PV compares with energy conservation measures.

Six years later, I was hired to provide analysis and engineering on commercial and utility scale PV projects. I proceeded to play integral roles in structured finance, hardware manufacture, turnkey system implementation and energy resource procurement. In the process, I developed a number of tools to hone in on estimating, system optimization, performance metrics and revenue generation.

Because of the growth in solar development, I find that my experience can be best used in consulting. I primarily focus on analysis, modeling, pricing metrics and diagnosis of solar PV systems. I also provide energy related services and keep up with the latest trends and technology.

Before specializing in solar and energy, I spent over a decade in civil engineering and construction. A range of environmental and public works projects yielded a solid foundation in design, planning and execution. This general background definitely applies to the solar industry and allows me a broader viewpoint.

I decided to contribute to a better environment while earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering. My commitment to global development issues led me to serve in the US Peace Corps. There, I facilitated creation of micro-enterprises that reduced rural energy consumption.

Working to further the advancement of solar PV and energy conservation fulfills my core goals. Yet, environmental benefits alone do not propel the industry forward but sound investments do. Fortunately, renewable energy and conservation measures have flourished because they benefit the bottom line.

Please contact me for a discussion and free initial consultation.

Brian Frus, PE – Principal, Altamain Consulting

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Brian Frus, P.E.

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