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Solar PV Performance Modeling

Save time and money

Energy performance modeling removes uncertainties and avoids investment risks. Hence it is often a must for financing on solar PV projects.

Energy modeling can also reduce planning and design efforts and produce higher investment returns. This is particularly true at initial project phases.

Energy yields for alternative scenarios are easy to quantify and compare in software models. Assessing design changes, equipment specifications or new site limitations take minimal effort. Thus you can spend less resources configuring a PV system to meet your specific goals.

Details matter

Best practices for PV system forecast modeling continue to evolve with new information. Ensure these latest developments and important details are considered. The right professional should have expertise beyond merely a thorough understanding of software tools.

PVsyst software is the accepted industry standard for bankable and accurate PV system modeling. Altamain has thousands of hours experience with PVsyst. And diligently stays abreast of and assimilates pertinent information related to forecasts and modeling.

Altamain also employs PVSIM, RETScreen, MeteoNorm and proprietary modeling tools for their unique features.


PV Modeling Services

Energy production reports and simulations with PVsyst software

      Reports for financiers, developers, owners and operators

      All utility, commercial, and residential PV systems - Any location

      Shading obstructions and horizon details - Current and anticipated, Solmetric SunEye and 3D models

      Soiling and snow losses - Site-specific profiles created with local climate resources

      Unique configurations - Building facades - What-if scenario analysis

Analysis and diagnosis of operating PV systems

      Trouble shooting - Isolation of performance, degradation, faults and reliability issues

      Performance tracking - True up and reconciliation of actual production versus simulated results

      Model validation - Single-year and typical meteorological year (TMY) solar resource data

      Data acquisition system (DAS) - Detailed analysis of operating parameters

      Field investigations and forensics - Component failures, hazards, safety, construction and code compliance

Utility grid integration, Tariff and Rate schedule analysis

      Generation, revenue, curtailment, capacity and related calculations

      Combined Wind and Solar integration and transmission studies

      Energy production profiles - Month and hour of day (12x24 matrix) tables

      Rate schedule revenue projections - Feed in Tariff (FIT), Time of Delivery (TOD) or Time of Use (TOU)

      PVsyst (8760) hourly generation data - Probabilities, trends and further post processing

Optimization of PV systems for peak performance or revenue goals

      Fixed tilt and tracking configurations - Comparison of alternative equipment, specifications and technologies

      Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) - Maximize PV system performance for your particular goals

      Tilt, orientation and row spacing - PV system configuration fine tuning

PVsyst Services for Off Grid and Stand Alone Systems   

      Off grid PV systems and battery storage - Seasonal production, usage, component sizing and analysis

      Stand alone solar pumping - Specification and design for domestic, agricultural and livestock needs


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