Altamain Consulting Services

Solar PV System Project Support

Solar PV developments greatly benefit from initial and ongoing due diligence.

Can you verify the technical information of your investment?

Have you identified all potential performance issues?

Is your PV system operating and delivering energy as projected?

PV Project Support Services

Solar PV modeling - Energy production and yield analysis with PVsyst software

PVsyst training - Tailored online sessions for groups and individuals

Feasibility studies - Evaluation of proposals and bids, site surveys, shading and performance issues, conceptual planning and valuations for real estate transactions

Field investigations and construction observation - Designated owner representative, forensics, code compliance and design verification

Construction drawings - Design plan submittals for solar PV systems - Electrical single lines, site and array layouts and structural mounting details

Pro forma support - Power purchase agreements (PPA), structured or leveraged financing, detailed cost estimates

Solar glare hazard analysis - Avoid instances of glare and reflections from equipment near airports. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has updated rules and guidelines for solar installations

Energy and Conservation Services

Utility rate analysis - Time of Use, Peak/Off-Peak, demand and generation profiles

Electric vehicle (EV) - Integration to utility grid, charging loads, rate structuring and policy development

Daylighting design - Use of natural light to offset lighting loads and enhance interior environments

Lighting retrofit solutions - Advanced solutions for LED and high performance luminaires

Passive solar – Analysis and design of new and retrofit improvements

Building performance - Assessments and audits

Energy, waste and water conservation - Efficient equipment, technology and operating strategies

Altamain takes a comprehensive approach to problem solving, filtering a menu of options with the most favorable returns on investment, both helping the bottom line and while lowering your carbon footprint.


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